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1.  Give your existing hardwood floors a fresh fabulous look with our one day service using  Bona Kemi Finish  for $ 0.99 a Square Ft . whole house completion in just one day, and  it's  dust free.


 2.  Sanding and Refinishing. 500 feet or more with prices as low of $ 2.95 a square foot, which includes removing the old finish & stain to raw wood & applying one coat of Bona Kemi fast dry Stain, & two coats of Bona Kemi finish.  


3. Cherry, Maple,  Hickory, in different sizes and widths Installed Sanded & Refinished for as low, $12.00 A square Foot.   


4.  Install Red Oak flooring  2" 1/4 x 3/4 Sand & Refinish  for the fantastic price of  $10.50 A square foot. This price includes everything you would need all wood, vents, shoe molding, stain, finish.


5.  Stairways.  Steps, Sanded and refinished for $55.00 a step and $55.00 a riser.


                                          Standard Pricing


 If you bring in a professional, you stand to spend between $4.00 and $7.50 for every square foot on labor alone. So if this is an expense you wish to avoid, then refinishing your hardwood floor yourself is your best option. You do have to be ready for the task ahead, though.

The total cost of refinishing your hardwood floor varies depending on several factors.

What is your hardwood floor’s present condition? There are instances when, prior to the refinishing job itself, structural repairs have to be made. Such repairs will add to your expense. Your expenditure is also likely to rise further if the floor is covered by another type of flooring, like linoleum or carpet, as having these removed will add to the bill. You can choose to do this job yourself, but you won’t enjoy it.

The cost can also be affected by the kind of hardwood you have. Maple, for instance, will need professional tampering because it is relatively difficult to refinish. If you’re working with engineered hardwood floors, this will be easier, but you have to be careful not to accidentally sand through the material.

However, while it is costly to refinish a hardwood floor, it is well worth the investment. If maintained well, a floor’s finish can go for 40 years before you need to replace it again. If you’re planning to sell your property anytime soon, having nice and sturdy hardwood floors will help increase its appraised value, so you get your investment back in the long run.